Motorola Rizr Rollable phone: the future is here

Motorola Rizr Rollable phone: the future is here

Motorola has presented its new device, the Motorola Rizr rollable phone (concept phone) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

                   This is a unique and wild concept for a phone. Many phone companies these days come with a new concept, but rollable concept is next level but its a concept phone so thats not confirmed that this device launched in market or not and It's really interesting to see how this performs in real-life situations.

Motorola Rizr Rollable phone

Motorola Rizr:

This Motorola Rizr concept phone comes with a 5-inch flexible POLED display that is on the front of the phone, then rolls around bottom of the edge and continues almost halfway up the back side. Just a press of a button on that phone converts it into a regular look like phone with a larger 6.5-inch 22:9 display. the foldable phone concept already in market but this type of concept is new for the users. The Motorola Rizr converts into a regular phone when you need it, but most of the time it's a small device that fits well in your pocket.


The Motorola Rizr is still a concept phone, so it's really interesting to see if this device can really survive in day-to-day use. That is a really challenging task for this phone and will determine the future of this device. This Motorola Rizr seems really good. When you watch YouTube and the rollable display gives you a bigger screen, that is a nice experience, but this is more useful. When you type an email, the rollable display comes with extra keyboard space for typing.

Motorola Rizr review:

this a concept phone, the Motorola Rizr really impressive. The Rollable display makes it a unique phone. But I also believe that It's going to be a more challenging device than any foldable device on the market, and this device is going to be more fragile because of its rollable display, but I appreciate Motorola's efforts in making this phone and for thinking outside the box.

               But right now Motorola not thinking to launch this device in market and reason for not launching this phone still not clear maybe They are testing this device for day-to-day uses and trying to make this device more useful.

I am really excited to use this device, and maybe Motorola will launch it very soon.

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